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What is AAC? (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

AAC is a communication method where a non-speaking person uses additional methods of communication to augment their ability to communicate effectively. It can also be described as a method of communicating without using typically spoken words and vocabulary. Some examples are:
•Speech Generating Devices, also known as VOCA's
•Word Boards,
•Displays with pictures and symbols

In order for an AAC user to communicate effectively within his/her community, it is often necessary to have a facilitator or communication partner.

Effective communication with a non- speaking person is significantly different and takes far more time than with a speaking person. Here at North Yorkers, we are happy to be able to offer a specific role that ensures each client has additional opportunity to access a facilitator for when they require extra support for specific reasons.
These may include:
•Medical appointments
•Wheeltrans bookings
•Documentation assistance
•Facilitation with community members
•Assistance and opportunity to find appropriate vocational programs and volunteer positions within the community.
•Social activities
•Directing their personal attendant services
•Strengthening social connection with family, friends, and community members.